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Turkish foreign policy discussed on CRI’s morning show “Beyond Beijing”

Jul 20, 2010 | Comments Off

Turkey has been in the spotlight of international media, particularly since the flotilla attack in late May. Is Turkey severing its ties with Israel? Is it looking to the East from the West? How will the fallout affect the whole situation in the Middle East?

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Turkish journalist speaks out against former employer

Jul 7, 2010 | Comments Off

News outlets close their foreign bureaus all the time – we’re living in a time of budget shortcuts. International coverage has been outsourced to news wires and 24-hour television coverage for far too long, and the Internet has both helped and hurt foreign correspondents. Sometimes newsrooms are able to get their stories from afar before their correspondents on the ground, but having foreign bureaus lends prestige to a publication. But apparently sometimes that kind of prestige isn’t seen as valuable.

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Clinton goes to Azerbaijan

Jul 2, 2010 | Comments Off

People all over the world yearn for freedom – to have the ability to shape their own destinies. The process of getting it, however, is never easy – and it raises all kinds of questions about how to achieve greater freedom while creating an environment that both tolerates and respects differences. If the goal is to assure social security and justice and to maintain a functional government with safeguards against at least some uncertainties, the United States is by far the champion of this ideal.

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