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Is Turkey still committed to its Western values?

Ağu 17, 2010 | Is Turkey still committed to its Western values? için yorumlar kapalı

Everything starts with a point of view. Turkey’s orientation – or rather– Orientalism is causing quite a discussion and is creating a wide split among policy makers, analysts, and journalists concerning whether or not the Islamist based ruling party, Justice and Development (AKP), is changing Turkish values. In the past, there was no doubt that Ataturk’s Turkey was destined to look toward the West. Now, there is talk about a whole new Turkey. Are the ones who warn of Turkey sliding away from the West creating a storm in a teacup? Or is there reason to wonder about Erdogan’s vision for the future of this first secular experience in a nation of Muslims?

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Turkish journalist speaks out against former employer

Tem 7, 2010 | Turkish journalist speaks out against former employer için yorumlar kapalı

News outlets close their foreign bureaus all the time – we’re living in a time of budget shortcuts. International coverage has been outsourced to news wires and 24-hour television coverage for far too long, and the Internet has both helped and hurt foreign correspondents. Sometimes newsrooms are able to get their stories from afar before their correspondents on the ground, but having foreign bureaus lends prestige to a publication. But apparently sometimes that kind of prestige isn’t seen as valuable.

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Rhetoric over flotilla has gone overboard

Haz 24, 2010 | Rhetoric over flotilla has gone overboard için yorumlar kapalı

Listening to Prime Minister Erdogan’s amped-up rhetoric against the United States and Israel makes me genuinely scared for my country. I believe that people should be able to think for themselves, and to assess a situation based on the facts, not based on someone trying to make them afraid or blame some outside “bogeyman” for what’s going wrong with their lives or their country. It’s time to see those tactics for what they are: popular demagogy is a manipulative act that requires close scrutiny as people are looking toward the future to what they could become.

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Wayward policy toward Turkey a benefit to Iran

May 20, 2010 | Wayward policy toward Turkey a benefit to Iran için yorumlar kapalı

The past couple of weeks have found Turkey at the center of a lot of international news. First, there’s this week’s news—the deal with Iran that Turkey and Brazil helped broker, in which Tehran would ship half its stockpile of nuclear fuel to Ankara in exchange for fuel rods. It’s an interesting agreement that became much less relevant on Tuesday when the United States, Great Britain, Russia, China, France and Germany all agreed to pursue tougher sanctions against Iran—precisely the outcome Tehran had furiously been trying to avoid.

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Committee vote may have given Turkey a leg up

Mar 10, 2010 | Committee vote may have given Turkey a leg up için yorumlar kapalı

Has Congress considered any measure as often over the last four decades as the “Armenian Genocide” resolution? Again and again the bill has returned to Capitol Hill, only to fail each time. The House Foreign Affairs Committee has debated the bill at least four times since 2000, and it has become increasingly clear that each committee member believes that what happened to the Armenians during World War I was indeed a “genocide.” Yet despite that seemingly unanimous position, the resolution passed last week on a 23-22 vote. When it was considered in 2007, the committee passed it by six votes. Given how the gap has closed, the measure doesn’t stand a chance to get a floor vote this time.

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Turkey’s position in facing a nuclear Iran

Şub 24, 2010 | Turkey’s position in facing a nuclear Iran için yorumlar kapalı

The Daily Caller

By Tülin Daloglu

Iran’s defiance to cooperate with the world powers over its nuclear program clearly adds to an already dangerous situation. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs sent a clear warning on Tuesday that “time and patience is running out” for Iran to come clean on its nuclear program. But President Obama is right to declare that “the door is still open” for to Iran engage in serious negotiations. So far, both sides have blamed one another for the lack of a breakthrough in talks. Given its ever-increasing profile in the Middle East, Turkey is now trying to break this impasse. The question is, though, whether the current Turkish leadership has the capacity to play the game adequate to Turkey’s significance in the region.

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